An exploration of underutilized crops that fulfill consumption trends.

Alternative Crops

Recent News

  • Vegetable weed management research update

    Thanks for a great audience at the WABA Ag Classic! Here’s the presentation as promised: Vegetable weed management research update – WI Ag Classic

  • 2020 Processing Crops Conference presentations available online

    With many thanks to the presenters and those that joined our recent virtual Processing Crops Conference, recordings of the presentations are now available online. The presentations this year include pest management, production and variety development …

  • Get it Together: Holistic potato production research to protect groundwater quality

    Next growing season we’ll be embarking in an exciting new research area looking at holistic, innovative potato production systems that are profitable AND protect groundwater quality. Learn more about what we’re going to give “the …

  • Considerations in strawberry renovation weed management

    Thanks to all that participated online in the Wisconsin/Minnesota Berry Clinic today. Here’s my short presentation on a framework for strawberry renovation weed management. Have a productive and safe harvest! Considerations in strawberry renovation weed …

  • Grape spring weed management update

    ‘Tis the season to be thinking about spring weed management in grape vineyards. Here’s a short presentation about considerations in choosing management tools from our Minnesota and Wisconsin grape update virtual meeting today. As always, …

Outreach publications and online resources that guide day-to-day decision making:

WorldCrops: a listing of crops grown around the world
FAO listing of underutilized food crops

Recent peer-reviewed journal and popular press articles:

Silva, E.M., J. Klink, E. McKinney, J. Price, P. Deming, H. Rivedal, and J. Colquhoun. 2019. Attitudes of university campus dining customers towards sustainability-related food values. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. Firstview 1-6

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